How To Balance a Successful Side Hustle

How to balance a successful side hustle

Here are my five tips on how I balance a successful side hustle while working full time.

Are you struggling to balance a successful side hustle without burning out?



This blog post is for anyone who dreams of building a career on their own terms. Balancing a successful side hustle is no easy task. It takes sacrifices and disciplined time management. However, if it’s something you ultimately desire, then you can make it happen. I know it! I’ve broken it down for you in five simple steps that have worked for me.

These are proven to also help my anxiety and overall mental health. My mental health has become a key focus of mine, as it has been directly effected by my side hustle. Real talk - my fiancé wanted me to slow down because of it. However, I’ve built so much already, and couldn’t imagine stopping now. Therefore, I decided to change my lifestyle in order to balance a successful side hustle and not have it negatively effect me. If you’ve felt this way as well, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we go:

Simple steps.

  1. Forget about being a night owl, wake up early. I’ve always pride myself as a night owl, and thought people were crazy waking up at 5AM! Well it wasn’t until my fiancé, Victoria, started the 5AM challenge which proved to me how much you can accomplish in the mornings! Trust me, I don’t wake up at 5AM every morning - sometimes it’s 6AM. None the less, I give myself a couple hours in the morning strictly to myself. Think about it. If you got up early before work and focused two hours to your side hustle - whether that’s writing a blog post, emails, or video content… that’s 10 hours a week you’ve dedicated! That’s a weekend’s worth of work completed before the weekend! Once I’ve realized the beauty of a productive early morning, I have never looked back.

  2. Create a schedule and set a simple system for yourself. Once again, this was something I did not do. However, I’ve come to learn that it’s important to have systems. BIG thing to remember here. Keep it simple. I’ve balanced a successful side hustle by simplifying my life. Look at your schedule and ask yourself, “Is this achievable?” I made that mistake and my anxiety increased by the end of the week. Here’s an overview of my weekly schedule: 1. Focus on writing two topics for the week 2. Plan out my Instagram posts for the following five days 3. Reach out to ONLY three-five brands/organizations a week. I also have a monthly one, too. I will share my schedules in later post ;).

  3. Be crafty with your time and manage your workload accordingly. Now this step requires that you really know yourself, and how and when you work best. For example, I write better in the mornings. I’m alert, my head is clear from any noise, and I can focus without distractions. Therefore, I only write in the mornings, and not in the evenings after work. When I write after work I burn out. Also, I don’t work on my business AT ALL during work. During lunch, I engage on social media or post on Instagram - it’s easy and accessible. My evenings are spent either working out, going to events, or relaxing with my fiancé. I typically spend from 30mins to an hour in the evenings on social media - either posting, engaging, or stories. I structure my side hustle to fit within my day, not the other way around.

  4. Weekends are work days. I was once that person who lived for the weekends. Meet my friends for brunch and spend the day frolicking around the city. However, times have changed and I’m very sensitive of my time on the weekends. Before the weekend, I sit down with my fiance on Friday and we go over our weekend schedule. We run through priorities and schedule max 5-6 hours to work, in addition to scheduling a photoshoot. I also squeeze in a workout out and time to relax, of course. Yet, I urge you to REALLY maximize your free time. It’s the only time you have to focus on your future business!

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. AKA the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned over the years in balancing a successful side hustle. I used to never ask for help and thought I could do this all on my own. Little did I know, there were so many resources around me. I was just a click, or phone call away. I would attend events and network and make it seem like I have it all figured it out. However, deep down in side, I was completely lost. I started to ask questions, and realized how quickly people would provide answers. I started sending cold emails and freaked out when I received a response. Emails turned into coffee dates, coffee dates turned into friendships. I learned so much more in such a short time frame, because I sucked up my pride and asked for help.

There you have it! My five ways on how to balance a successful side hustle while working full time. Do you have any tips and tricks that have helped you? I would love to hear what has helped others build their side passion :) Please comment below, or just share with me your successful side hustle!