Growing Your Instagram through Authenticity

How to grow your Instagram through Authenticity.

Here are ways that I’ve grown an authentic following on Instagram.

Instagram growth is important to all of us, and I have learned in the past six month that my authentic voice has increased growth and engagement. Here's how getting real gained me followers. 

When I started my Instagram about two years ago, I was very "basic" when it came to my captions. I was very surface level when it came to describing outfits and thought no one really cared about the captions. I figured it was ONLY about content. However, I learned I wasn't maintaining a loyal and consistent following. 

One day I wrote a vulnerable post. One about my emotions and how I was feeling about Instagram. I was surprised to see such a huge reaction from it. I was touching on a topic that was relatable to people and other bloggers. This sparked curiosity. The next day, I wrote a post about female strength and the importance of a community. I was shocked by the amount of women responses and how they connected my image to my caption. It wasn't until I posted about my coming out story that I knew my followers were telling me what they wanted to see.

That's the beauty of Instagram. Your authentic voice is so powerful and your followers tell you what they want to hear. Strength and confidence is contagious and showing your vulnerability speaks volume. The more you show your face and get personal, the more people feel connected to you.

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I like to talk about my personal experiences coming out and how it has developed a voice. I also encourage an immense amount of female empowerment, and I talk about when my ideas fail. Stories about me and my life learnings are topics that I think help others and create long lasting relationships. I have followers who come to my page, because they want to know what I have to say, and that makes me want to keep going. 

Insta-stories are another way to grow your Instagram through authenticity. I see more reaction when I speak to the camera, talk about styling, or say what's on my mind. This is another outlet for your followers to get to know you. I like to show more of my relationships through Insta-story. Vic is always behind the camera, so we don't have many pictures of us two (and my highest engagements are pictures of us two). That being said, I Insta-story us as much as I can because it's easier and more "insta"nt that way.

So, what can you take away from this post? Just be you. If you want to start a blog or grow an Instagram account, then let the crowd get to know YOU. Your vulnerability is so powerful, and is the key ingredient to growing an Instagram. Trust me when I tell you, it works. So, take the time and create thoughtful posts. Its now about quality versus quantity.

xx, Ivanka

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