Balancing Blogging and a Full-Time Job

The biggest challenge all of us "Boss Babe's" struggle with - how do you effectively balance a full time job and operate a blog/instagram? 

One of my goals for 2018 is to collaborate and communicate with the Influencer community more. I've made more of an effort to attend influencer panels, dinners, and events, and didn't hold back any questions. What I've learned was that we all face the exact same challenges - Blogging is a full time job, so how do we balance the two? Well it's not easy and you'll have to make a few sacrifices along the way. However, if this is your passion and would like it to turn into a side hustle - here are some tricks and quick hacks that I've picked up!

1. Plan Plan Plan ahead -  map out your schedule.  First and foremost, you cannot move forward without planning.  I thought I could manage an Instagram and website by winging it, but that was a huge fail. I found myself stressed and scrambling throughout the week.  So here’s how I fixed it.  I did not go out and buy a meeting planner nor plan out all my outfits for the rest of the month.  I started week by week, because I felt it was more manageable for me.  It works differently for everyone.  I found myself planning out a month, but my plans completely shifted after week two!

I decided to spend 30 mins on Sunday night to schedule out my week for Instagram posts, and my weekly blog post. Below are things I ask myself:

  1. How many outfit shots can I schedule with my photographer?
  2. I examine my feed and decide what lifestyle shots I am missing.
  3. Determine what poses I need to balance out the feed.
  4. What topics do I want to touch on (ie; styling, culture, female empowerment, etc.)? 
  5. Consider any big holidays or events I'm attending and how to incorporate them into an Instagram/blog post.

And that's it! I keep it very very simple, because I don't want to overwhelm myself. 

2. Utilize early mornings - I have spoken to a lot of bloggers who balance full time jobs, and we all agree that early morning photoshoots are extremely effective. Collaborate with bloggers and/or photographers and set up early photoshoots. I’ve shot as early as 7:30am and I still make it to my desk by 9am. You have to set up your location and outfit the night before. Photoshoots will only take 15-20 mins if you have everything planned out ahead of time. Once you’ve wrapped up the shoot, head to work! Same goes for food/coffee lifestyle shots - you don’t even need a second person for those! (side note: I am not a morning person, so I only do morning shoots once or twice a week.)

2. Lunch breaks and waiting periods turn into engagement or editing opportunities - Bloggers are shocked by how much I engage in a day, but its not like I’m sitting down for two hours on my couch doing it. I utilize my lunch breaks, train rides, or just waiting for a coffee to engage or edit a photo. It’s a simple task to do while you’re trying to pass the time, and effective! 

4. Dedicate some weekends for yourself - Yes, this means eliminate distractions. Occasionally, I decline brunches or weekend hangs to focus on my blog. I find it very therapeutic at times, too. We get so wrapped up on socializing (which is a need as well!) but I enjoy having a Saturday to myself. I will go to a yoga class in the morning and spend the afternoon at a coffee shop editing pictures, writing blog posts, answering emails or going to meetings. If you want it badly, you have to be willing to put in the time.

5. Turn Insta stories into a window to your 9-5. Instagram is all about authenticity and I've learned that some of my followers love the fact that I also have a job. It's an element that they feel connected to. I also work in the fashion industry, so it’s fun to merge the two together. Figure out how you can creatively turn your 9-5 job into an opportunity to increase engagement. 

That's it! I hope my hacks were helpful, let me know if you have any unique hacks that has worked for you!

xoxo, Vanks