$25.00 USD

Social Media Content Calendar Tool

This tool is designed to help you easily plan out your daily social needs for each social channel plus content planning throughout the month!

As an Influencer and business owner, do you find it difficult to juggle your content strategy, daily posting schedule, and when you’ll capture content?

When I left my corporate social media job where I managed multiple accounts exceeding a million followers, I struggled to figure out the best formula to manage all of my personal accounts in addition to my daily content planning. I was consistently overwhelmed and my day-to-day tasks were always changing. I needed a place to only plan out my week, but also remind me of my content strategy, allow me to make comments on my content ideas, and stay on top of my campaigns/projects. Yes, I needed this magical tool that did it all!

I couldn’t find what I needed, so I created it! Now, it has saved my life. This tool has undergone multiple revisions and creators and business owners have also provided feedback to improve it. Now it's ready to help you!


What does the Daily Social Media Management Tool include?

You’ll receive a Google Spreadsheet document with multiple tabs to help you manage your busy social media calendar! The sheet includes a daily content planning and scheduling calendar, individual personalized planning sheets for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Blog, and email. Additionally, a campaign project tracker for you to stay on top of all your projects for the month and where you’re at in the process!

Who is the product for?

This product is designed for Business Owners and Influencers to help manage their social media workload and projects.

How will this product help me?

This tool will help streamline the content planning tasks, so expectations are set for the team or individual. It’s a great way to have a snapshot of your daily social channel expectations, from deployment to content creation as well as events and miscellaneous tasks. There’s even a content strategy reminder per week to stay on top of your content pillars. The individual planning sheets are personalized for each channel, so you don’t miss out on what is required so you can properly launch posts effectively.

After you plan out your daily content scheduler for the week, then you can start planning every piece of content in the planning sheets. Once tasks are done, you can check them off your list!

What software do I need?

This is a Google Spreadsheet that you’re able to manipulate into a program that works best for you!

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of this digital product, all sales are final and I cannot issue any refunds. Sorry!