6 Ways To Get Out of A Style Rut

Here are my six ways to get out of a style rut.

First off, it’s OK. We’ve all been there. Clothing is very overwhelming. Plus, there’s so many trends out there, it’s tricky to find which one works best for you. I go through a style rut once or twice a season and from my experiences, I’ve developed a simple, yet effective, 6 step routine. These six ways will help you change the way you think about style, make it personal, and build up your style confidence again. Plus, once you find your style again, you’ll notice how it has improved your morning routine. So, lets get to it!

6 Ways to get out of style rut:

  1. Repurpose what you have in your wardrobe. You probably already own the clothes to create your ideal style, but unsure how to wear them. Repurposing your wardrobe is one way to get out of a style rut that doesn’t cost you any many. Say you own a bomber, but have only worn it one way. However there are sooo many ways to wear a bomber! Dress it up, dress it down, wear it with over a casual dress or a with slacks for a cool wear-to-work look. I do think a lot with my wardrobe, because my closet limits me to buy multiple pieces.

  2. Evaluate what is working. Don’t think about your insecurities or fears, focus on what works in your wardrobe and what makes you feel great. Whether its a pair of perfectly fitting jeans or a simple, white button down. Pull those items out and begin thinking about how you can mix it up. Perhaps you create a look combining your favorites, or you accessorize that button down? Now, don’t think you have to go full monty here, just incorporate a few pieces. Simple is key to this entire process. Make it simple, so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  3. Find aspirations. We all have celebrity crushes, right? Or is it an influencer you admire? Or, even a brand you’re head over heels about. I’m saying this, because we need to access on where we want to take our style. When you think of the perfect style, what comes to mind? Let’s train our brain to think differently about style and not just focus on the plethora of clothes around us. Remember to keep it simple. Think of 1-3 people or brands and ask yourself why you love their style. Even if it’s something as simple as a black, boxy boyfriend blazer. Hold onto it. Keep it in your mind and look out for it when you begin shopping.

  4. Ask yourself what’s stopping you. Is it the weather? Ironing? Or, intimidation? This is probably the most important question out of the entire exercise. I know it sounds difficult, because we typically don’t ask ourselves why something isn’t working. However, this is when you truly take the time to listen to yourself. I do it all the time, and it creates more self awareness.

  5. Make Pinterest your new fashion blog. To get myself out of a style rut, I turn to Pinterest. It’s a place where I can be 100% creative and create boards that represent my own personal style. It’s super easy and relaxing. Start pinning your favorite looks, accessories, or even lifestyle images. There’s no rules or limits. Then go back to your board of inspiration and pull out a common theme. Is it minimalism? Is it floral dresses? Is it bright, neon colors? Write it down or walk away and come back to it. Let these trends and looks marinate, and take them with you on your next shopping trip.

  6. Start trying on looks. Go to a store, do a closet purge with a friend, or thrift! As you try on clothes, listen to yourself and ask why you love it. I want you to really understand what works for you and what doesn’t. There’s a psychology to personal style and I want to help you understand how to think differently to avoid style roadblocks in the future.

Hope you found this helpful! What have you done in the past to get out of a style rut? Share your stories in the comments below!

xx, Ivanka