Why Your Personal Brand Identity is Important

Let's face it, we all face wardrobe challenges. However, what if I said I had a method to improve your process of finding an outfit? What if I said that you CAN pull off a look you love? What if I said your confidence will never be hindered by your wardrobe again? I think I have your attention ;)


Here's a little background story. I came out when I was 25. Up until then, my style was just all over the place. I loved fashion so much that I tried everything... and I mean everything. Overwhelmed by new trends and ideas, my look was always inconsistent. Someone once asked me how I described my style, and I didn't have an exact answer. That was because I never took the time to listen to myself, understand my reactions, and go with my gut in regards to wardrobe decisions.

Once I became more aware of myself, my style started to fall into place. Coming out and accepting myself and my sexuality opened my mind to self discovery in other ways. I started to go down the road of what felt right, not listening or worry about all the noise around me. Maintaining a narrow focus created the perfect foundation to build my authentic self. 

So how does this all align with style? Simple. I discovered who I was. I was aware of what worked, what didn't work, and what I liked. I was no longer distracted by all the noise and I knew exactly what made sense for me. Now when I shop, I know exactly what silhouettes to look out for, colors, textures, and trends. I no longer try on everything in the store and I know what key staples I need. I finally know my personal brand identity. 

When I meet with clients, I don't just help them edit and shop. I help them learn and understand more about themselves. Get them thinking differently, and perhaps more strategically, when they shop. We get to a space of discovering what clothes make them light up and feel confident. There is so much unspoken strength in fashion. It has the ability to make us feel powerful, and with that comes change and motivation. My moto is that our wardrobe should never hinder our self-confidence. That is why your personal brand identity is important.

xx, Ivanka

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