Mad About Plaid

The mad about plaid trend is everywhere, and you don't have to be a lover of grunge to pull it off. Plaid can be worn as a cute mini, blazer, or a flannel thrown over distressed jeans - it's translatable to any style. This is how I wanted to represent it <3

I added a punk rock twist by pairing my trousers with a vinyl jacket and edgy boots. *Key takeaway - always pair your plaid with solid colors or muted prints. You can also blend different textures, like the vinyl shown below:

Other ways to wear:

1. Style plaid is with a graphic tee and a leather moto jacket - just another way to play into the updated punk look. 

2. Work a plaid trench.

3. Pair an oversized plaid boyfriend blazer with a leather mini.

4. Who hates a sexy plaid pencil skirt?

xoxo, Vanks

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