Menswear Inspired - How to wear it/Where to wear it.

Every post is caused by what inspires me at the time. Rather a trend, a movement, or a current event. Which brings me to this post - I was recently approached by someone who said they loved my outfit, but didn't know WHERE they would wear it. This got me thinking...

I touch on how to mix high and low and incorporate street style trends into your wardrobe, but never speak about where and when you can wear it. (Probably because I think you can wear a black patent leather trench coat on any occasion.. lol) Anyway... Today I will not only discuss my favorite trend, menswear, but also touch on where you can wear it. AND going forward I will always provide options of when it's appropriate to wear it. 

So back to the trend, menswear. I love it. Not only because I'm a little tomboy, but that I work in a corporate environment and this trend is easily adaptable. The look you see below is appropriate for the office, very sleek and fresh. It's slightly oversized so you can feel more relaxed and show a little style elevation. I also think it's great for after work drinks and/or event. I would wear this for a social event as it makes me feel very sophisticated and showcases that I'm aware of what's current. *One fun tip about fashion is that if you try a fresh trend before it has post peaked, you feel a sense of achievement. Yes, achievement. It's because you are daring and bold to attempt it. I think we all should break out of our comfort zone sometimes and experience how it feels. 

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this awesome trend! Shop the look below: 

xoxo, Vanks


Ivanka DeKoning