A Conversation about Standing Out and Celebrating the Individual with Roberson Keffer

Fashion Disruptors

Wow! Is this real life? I’m slightly freaking out… because it’s FINALLY here!

Welcome to our first ever newsletter announcing the launch of our podcast, Fashion Disruptors!

First and foremost, thank you so much for your endless support and encouragement throughout this incredible journey. The power of conversation and story telling has taught me so much. I’ve learned to never hold back on my ideas, no matter how crazy or small. I’ve learned that creativity should be empowered and never locked away. We must continuously celebrate the uniqueness in us all. Fashion Disruptors is not just a show highlighting inspiring individuals in the fashion industry, but also a show that motivates and encourages us all to push the boundaries. We acknowledge bravery, justice, and equality - or, what I like to say, “Disrupting the status quo.”

The thing is, our voices are our most powerful tool and such a formidable force. The more we share, the more we inspire. I always say fashion is the response of shifts in culture awareness. This show peels those layers and sparks the conversation!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful project Victoria and I created.


Without further ado, here’s a glimpse into our first episode…

Episode 1 with Roberson Keffer:

Roberson Keffer, Vice President Fashion Director for Macy’s Home, discusses his upbringing from a small Texas town and religious background to finding his calling in the Fashion Industry. Without ever sacrificing his true authenticity and self identity.

Roberson creates the direction of how people live their lives through aesthetic and personalization. He teaches us that clothing should tell a narrative about yourself and fashion is now celebrating the individual. It’s about standing out; not only in regards to fashion trends, but also making a difference and disrupting the industry.

A motivating and inspiring episode, Roberson teaches us to listen to our passions, there is no such thing as an overnight success, and to never stray away from standing up and saying something that is bigger than yourself.

Roberson has had an incredible journey through his professional and personal life. I really enjoyed sitting down with him and truly believe he is not only a great asset to the fashion industry, but also a role model to the LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy xx

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