A Conversation about Inclusivity in Fashion with Refinery29's Michelle Li

Episode 4: A Conversation about Inclusivity in Fashion

Refinery29’s Fashion Market Editor, Michelle Li, shared with us her industry knowledge and unique fashion perspective.

You can’t miss Michelle on Instagram due to her very bright and fearless style… including her signature pink hair. On the episode, Michelle walked us through her career path from internships to her current position at Refinery29. We discuss her journey to discovering her personal style and the risks she takes in fashion. In turn, sharing these style challenges and ideas with Refinery29 readers.

Moreover, Michelle speaks to diversity and inclusion in fashion. As an Asian American, she faces challenges of not being recognized as a woman of color, and how she educates others in that regard.

Sustainability is a topic she’s truly passionate about. She tells us how we can make our industry more sustainable outside of just supporting eco-friendly brands. Furthermore, she shares her excitement for the future of plus size and gender-binary fashion.

Finally, we wrap it up by discussing the importance of mentorships no matter where you are in your career, the power of cold emails, and possessing the confidence to put yourself out there!

An enjoyable episode jam packed with career advice and thought provoking topics from a fashion industry insider! Enjoy!

xx, Ivanka


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Enjoy the episode!

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