A Conversation about Embracing Your Vulnerability with Bethany C. Meyers

Episode Seven: Embracing Your Vulnerability with Bethany C. Meyers

Hey hey! In honor of Pride Month, we have a special episode with my best friend Bethany C. Meyers.

Bethany is the CEO and founder of The Be.come Project, a body neutral, fitness app combining the alignment of pilates, lengthening of yoga, and musicality of dance. Their workout is inclusive to all body types, focusing on building a positive mentality through movement. Bethany changes the narrative of working out as a reward, as opposed to a punishment, because we should love our bodies not hate them.

From hating their desk job to discovering their passion in boutique fitness, Bethany shares with us the challenges and successes of being an entrepreneur. From the inception of the app, up to it’s fruition, we learn about the beauty of vocalizing your ideas and the power of asking for help.

I love hearing these success stories, because asking for help is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and this story proves how effective it is!

Bethany also identifies as queer, non-binary and is in a polyamorous relationship. They walk us through their style evolution as they became more aware of their non-binary identity.

Finally, we discussed the movement of “eff your beauty standards” and the importance of challenging mainstream beauty standards. Bethany shares their own personal story of growing out their armpit hairs and how it really taught them more about why we succumb to society beauty standards.

Bethany inspires me everyday with their strength and powerful voice in the queer space. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as Victoria and I did!

Bethany C. Meyers

Follow Bethany and The Be.come Project on Instagram @bethanycmeyers and @thebecomeproject

Enjoy the episode!

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