A Conversation about Tomboy Fashion

Episode 5: Tomboy Fashion with Dapper Tomboy’s Gabby and Natasha

Victoria and I sat down with the babes behind the Instagram community @OfficialDapperTomboy, Gabby Kirsh and Natasha Jahcahn.

The two noticed the lack of diversity amongst the tomboy and androgynous community. Their vision was to establish a new standard of fashion that embraced inclusivity. From Tumblr to Instagram, @OfficialDapperTomboy became a destination for female identifiers and non-binaries to share their personal style amongst the dapper community.

Gabby and Natasha walked us through their style journey from when they first tried on a bowtie to empowering others to follow suit (no pun intended). Through their high school journey to falling into their own style and self identity, the two found confidence by redefining the social norms.

They don’t believe personal style reflects one sexuality, yet the beauty of fashion is that one can dress beyond their sexuality. For anyone in the LGBTQ+ community, it takes strength and courage to come out. Therefore, their own style is a self reflection of going against the grain and standing up for what you believe in. To them, fashion is a form of freedom dressing.

Moreover, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of queer-baiting in the media.

Thirty minutes of inspiring story telling, Gabby and Natasha share the importance of finding your confidence and the strong community they’ve built. Trailblazers in their own right, these two are paving a path for tomboy and androgynous fashion by building a place of acceptance.


Tomboy Fashion

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Enjoy the episode!

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