A Conversation about Conquering Stereotypes with Emily Sklar

Episode 3: A Conversation about Conquering Stereotypes with Emily Sklar

This is a conversation about gay femme’s coming out in the workplace and standing up for more representation. Different experiences have different perspectives on ideas.

Vic and I sat down with our good friend Emily Sklar. When Emily and I first met, we bonded over working in fashion and identifying as gay. Additionally, Emily and I both look very “straight.” We dress feminine, have long hair, and love a good heel. I wanted to bring her on the show, because I knew she would provide a thoughtful perspective to the word “femme” and coming out every day in a predominately heterosexual environment.

Emily shared with us that “femme” does not strictly relate to the female gender. She broke down queer femme’s elasticity and anyone on the spectrum can identify as femme while simultaneously be unapologetically themselves. It’s an element of confidence and strength building off our intrinsic vulnerability. We further define queer and femme ambiguity - both identities have different effects on people, yet more relatable terms based on their lack of boundaries.

Emily is an advocate for herself and continues to vocalize her identity to create inclusion in the industry. A badass female making a difference.

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Enjoy the episode!

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