A Conversation about Diversity in Fashion

Episode 2: A conversation about Diversity in Fashion

I sat down with my favorite sister duo behind Instagram’s @NYCXClothes, Shelcy and Christy. These women have such an inspirational story. Immigrating to NYC from Haiti to discovering their style and voice through social media; this powerhouse team provided a thought worthy perspective. Once they adapted to NYC, they created a space of authenticity and cultivated a community encouraging people to share their story.

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to feature this episode as it strongly focuses on the importance of diversity in fashion. Diversity has transitioned from a buzzword to redefining a lifestyle. In order for brands to fully embrace diversity, it needs systemic representation throughout it’s organization. When you incorporate different perspectives through every step of a process, you avoid campaigns that potentially deem culturally insensitive.

There’s a fresh wave of awareness thats changing the way brands think. Our voices and our platforms have the power to influence brands to enforce change in their structure and increase diversity. It is a time that silence is unacceptable and we must stand our grand. Not only that, but we can also work on supporting each other and invest in people that you want to see represented.


Additionally, this team is pioneering a new era of influencing. They are creating strong relationships with brands and building the brand into their lifestyle. Generating a more sustainable relationship, in a very saturated market.

Furthermore, these ladies are organizers and create spaces for likeminded creatives to empower one another and build a strong support system!

Follow Shelcy and Christy on Instagram @nycxclothes and to learn about their next event or gathering in NYC, visit NYCxClothes & Friends.

Enjoy the episode!

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