Breaking the Glass Ceiling

How did you spend your Saturday afternoon? I spent mine watching Time's video series on 46 groundbreaking women...and it was undeniably WORTH IT. 

This past week, TIME unveiled its latest multi-media project, FIRSTS, a masterpiece of interviews with 46 extraordinary women. These women have challenged the narrative of how women are perceived in past societies, defied the norm and broke the glass ceiling. It was hours of tears, "F*** yeah," and "Damn...thats incredible." I was hit with an intrinsic blast of inspiration and influence. I'm not going to encourage women to watch it, I'm telling every woman to watch it. Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Madeleine Albright... just to name a few. Even some women I never knew, but now will forever impact what I do next.

Hillary Clinton speaks to importance of role models and building confidence in women at a young age...Ellen Degeneres discusses her challenges before she broke the glass ceiling by starring as the first openly gay character on prime-time TV... Madeleine Albright embraces the importance of a supportive community of women quoting, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support each other." Annnd did you know that Oprah threaten her boss that if he didn't pay her female producers equal pay she would leave her show? 

As you know, I'm all about the key take aways. What should you take away from this post BESIDES heading over to and watching all 46 videos?

Each and everyone of us has value. There shouldn't be any hesitation nor doubt that you can't achieve something. Know your power and your worth and never let anyone ever underestimate you. If they do, then think like Nikki Haley and have fun with it - because there is no better enjoyment than proving them wrong. Ilhan Omar says its time to shift the narrative, so lets break those low expectations women have dealt with for centuries. Don't become complacent, especially now.

The time we're in now is very powerful, yet there's too much talk and not enough action. After watching these videos, every woman mentions that there's still more to do. Rachel Maddow said, "Being the first creates a pressure that you don't want to be the last." The time is now to empower one another and continue to encourage women to break the glass ceiling. Every woman is capable and the glass ceiling is nothing compared to the determination of women. 

XOXO, Vanks

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