Feminist Fight Club

Support your local girl gang and submerse yourself in a group of badass women, because at the end of the day we fight patriarchy not each other. 

I think the above says it all. To be honest, before writing this post, I've literally spent the last 8 hours listening to non-stop feminist and female empowerment podcasts. I highly recommend it. There's nothing more motivating than listening to scholarly women of every race and background speaking on the same subject to help us empower one another. Which leads me to my newest post, "Feminist Fight Club."

When I was young I always thought "Feminists" were women who hosted rallies, protested outside organizations, and burned bras. My erroneous assumptions and shallowness were directly impacted by my lack of feminist influence and education. Yup, its true. Because "feminism" isn't taught in school and during the early 2000's "Sex and The City" was the closest thing to any sort of feminist exposure (which isn't a bad thing, but you get the point). Today, the term is everywhere, and it's women who saw a need to break the silence.

The term, "Feminism" means, "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes." The belief that both men and women should have equal rights, equal treatment, and equal opportunities. There's honestly soooo much I can say about this topic, but I don't want to bore you with a feminist tangent ;). Instead, I'm going to break it down as to why its so important for both women and men to be a feminist and be a part of the Feminist Fight Club.

1. We fight for equal rights, opportunities, wages, & treatment - What I enjoy about the definition of feminism is the word "equal", because it does not imply females are above males, but that we all should be considered equals. There's still a lack of women today who hold high positions in companies as well as politics. It's slowly growing, but there's still more we can do to keep fighting and spreading awareness. Women of different races, ethnicities, and the LGBTQ community all deserve equal treatment, and even though we live in the 21st century, it's still an uphill battle.

2. We Fight To Wear Whatever We Want - Women should have the right to wear whatever we want. We should not feel ashamed or restricted by specific clothing just because we're insecure of how men or women perceive us. If I choose to wear a cute mini, heels, and a crop top, its my choice and I feel fabulous in it. I shouldn't be confined to a certain dress because of potential cat calls or women calling me a derogatory names. Why? Its my body, my choice, and it makes me feel good. Wear what makes you feel great, from a suit, to a dress, to freeing your nips! This brings me back to the importance of your girl gang. We must celebrate and encourage one another, not shame them for how they choose to express themselves. 

3. We Fight For Reproductive Rights - Its important to know our reproductive rights. Once again, its our body, our choice. The abortion battle is on going as well as the amount of protest to make them illegal. I think its fine if you're anti-abortion, but I'm a strong advocate for women to legally have the option and not be criticized for the choices they make.

4. We Fight for Strength - Lets talk about gender stereotypes. In our society, men are still raised to be strong, courageous, or man up during tough situations. Yet, for a women to be raised with those qualities its deemed inappropriate. You know that excuse, "boys will be boys?" So, it's ok for a man to be destructive? Yet, if the roles were reversed for females, what do you think society's excuse would be? Exactly. Women should be raised demure is what they'll say. We still live in a world that gender and patriarchal stereotypes are very present. It's not just educating young women but young boys as well. 

5. We Fight For Our Girl Gang - Support your girl gang, there is no leader, we unite together. This movement is so incredibly inspiring and the more I educate myself the more I am in awe of women and their strength! You don't need to rush to a rally, donate to Planned Parenthood, or create flyers, but speak up and spread awareness. The more we join hands the closer we are to a more equal society for our sons and daughters.

I wanted to write a feminist post adjacent to a tomboy look because it relates to what I mentioned above. It's having the freedom to wear whatever you choose and for this look I want to point out the importance of females today redefining the patriarchy. Being female and choosing to dress tomboy is so powerful for me. I like that I have the freedom to wear this look and not feel oppressed when I walk out my front door.


Shirt: Cloth & Stone

Pants: Buffalo Jeans

Shoes: Saint Laurent

Hat: Goorin Bros.

Earrings: K/ller Collection

XOXO, Vanks