Redefine the Patriarchy

The title says it all.

This shoot was extremely meaningful to me. By far the most important one. I wanted to shoot this look in a blank space. With no distraction and focused on the subject.

Patriarchy is a term that has wiggled its way back to the U.S. recently, and more than ever provoked women across the globe to speak up. Sadly, we still live in a somewhat patriarchal society, but this incredible community of women has never been stronger. The great thing about the digital space and social media is that any women can speak up, change the scope of the argument, and make a difference in the community. Women amaze me. We come together, pulling us out of our cliques or comfort zones and unite as one voice. We put in the work to form a foundation of change by implementing marches across the globe, fundraisers, events, or even just as simple as a blog post - All to spread awareness. 


Shirt: Aritzia

Tee: Nike

Pants: Oak

XOXO, Vanks