Fashion Is Speaking For Feminism

Motivating slogans, such as "The Future is Female" or "Women Unite" are embracing the industry. It’s the feminist movement taking over the fashion world and making a once creative field more political — and I’m not made about it.

This sustainable movement is a radical time for fashion. Invoking all genders, this trend allows us to have a voice and speak up for women's rights. There's been so much talk about sexual assault and harassment in the media lately (we all know what I'm referring to). It's heartbreaking that women still succumbed to those harsh societal stereotypes that have lingered for centuries. We've had it.  Now we're breaking the silence more than ever before and speaking up!

Fashion has seen this movement and in return designed genderless outspoken items in order for women to unite together and break the silence. The beauty of this trend is that we can stand together and our clothing will also speak for us. I can walk down the street or into a bar or store and let my clothing speak for me. This is how we can spread the word and easily make an impact every second of every day. When I wear a shirt that says "We should all be feminists", I have spoken to everyone who has crossed my path that day. Let's make it count ladies!

Shop women empowerment clothing and items below: 

Thanks and keep speaking it! 

xoxo, Vanks