Let's Use Fashion to Promote Unity

I attended an event this past week that touched on multiple topics surrounding women empowerment and femininity in fashion. I was very moved and here's what I have to say!

First, I need to shed light on what has happened in the past few weeks signaling the rise of women influence, or the resistance. From the women elected Democratic candidates to speaking up against sexual harassment - I must say I feel good for the first time in a long time. We had so many firsts, including our first transgender female lawmaker! Good things are happening and oh yes, this is making history! If you want to know more and learn how you can get involved - go to http://emilyslist.org/

Change is happening and we can also use fashion to promote it. As I mentioned above, I attended an event hosted by Kate Spade called "Interesting Women/Interesting Lives", at their beautiful Rockefeller Center store. The panelist talked about how women have power over men, and that we don't shy away from complimenting each other's clothing. In fact, in regards to fashion, compliments are the easiest and most effective way to support one another. Jealousy and competitive females are so last year. We have a new movement now, and it's called standing with each other.

The panel discussed the emotional effect that women receive when another woman compliments their outfit or item of clothing. It's intrinsically motivating, uplifting and confidence boosting. Finally, it removes the guard between two females and creates a realm of unity. Fashion is a great ice breaker for women and one that men rarely utilize. This gives us an upper hand in promoting a unified army of strong females, and it all starts with a simple, "Girl, that dress is fire!"

So today, if you see a women with an amazing bag, or shoes, or coat... tell her its amazing. Spread that positivity, because believe me, its contagious. 

XOXO, Ivanka

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