About Ivanka

“Bridging Fashion and Activism”

Ivanka is an LGBTQ+ activist, writer, stylist, and fashion consultant. Preferred pronouns: her/she.

Ivanka’s mission is to bring a voice to fashion and encourage others to feel empowered through style. She develops a new narrative to clothing and influences others to never conform to any patriarchal standard of dress. As an LGBTQ+ activist and one of the very few known lesbians working in high fashion, she uses her platform to connect with the fashion community, queer fashion individuals, and an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion.

Currently, Ivanka lives in NYC with her fiancé, Victoria. She has over six years of fashion industry experience across multiple brands and retailers, spanning across buying, styling, and marketing.

Personal Styling Mission

My goal is to make female identifying, queers, and non-binary identifying humans feel like their most powerful self by helping them manifest their own brand identity through personal styling. I strive to educate and create a more customized/effortless wardrobe through understanding flattering silhouettes, colors, and trends. I want to invoke positivity and self-confidence to shape the best version of themselves and own their style.

// All photographs and videos taken by my fiancé, Victoria Matthews, unless otherwise noted.

// Ivanka has collaborated with brands such as Macys, Make Up Forever, ASOS, Marie Claire Magazine, Soul Cycle, Charlotte Tilbury, Amazon, Lola, Saks Fifth Ave. and more. Contact for collaborations!

Featured in: The Hunt , Dapper Q , Redbook Magazine

Ivanka Dekoning